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Hi, I'm a journalist, editor, and storyteller with tons of experience in working with brand marketers and media cos. Expertise in healthcare, auto, travel, retail/ecomm, finsev and CPG content.

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Effective CMO Leaders Embrace The Fact They Can't Do It All

CMOs are more data-driven than ever but what about the elegant "art" of marketing? How can CMOs balance the need for both the art and science and retain talent that can help them with both sides of the equation? I wanted to know and consulted some of the best minds in the business.

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Quick Chat: Samantha Skey, CRO/CMO, SheKnowsMedia

Samantha Skey of SheKnowsMedia is one of the most dynamic women in media today and holds the rare distinction of a hybrid role as CMO/CRO. She's bold, brave, and not afraid of change. An innovator to the core, she and the co-founders of SheKnowsMedia are making a huge difference in women and girls' lives.

Marketers Must Get To Know Digital Natives

Digital Natives were born with a mobile phone in one hand, a bottle or breast in the other. Gen Z or Y requires more attention from marketers, according to experts and it is already having profound implications for marketers. Let's focus on this generation!

The CMO Interview: Raja Rajamannar, CMO, MasterCard

My interview with the global CMO of MasterCard Raja Rajamannar for

The Interview: Rose Hamilton, CMO, Pet360

The Interview: Rose Hamilton, CMO, Pet360